20 June 2030
馃搶 This notebook contains the scribbles of a walkabout photographer with a snapshot style. Scroll through the entries below and have fun exploring the content.

2023聽路聽18 September 2023
Ikon (also Icon): noun: A thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration: e.g. The Zeiss Ikon ZM is a modern representation of the iconic 35mm rangefinder cameras from the golden age of rangefinder photography of the 1940's, 50's and 60's.

2023聽路聽10 September 2023
A fabulous photo day out at Marwell Zoo which occupies the grounds of the former Marwell Manor and the old house itself Marwell Hall, with its connection to Jane Seymour of Henry VIII fame, still stands there within.

Film Noir
2023聽路聽31 August 2023
Sometimes I get bored with the complexities of using a computer with a lens stuck on front of it i.e. digital and return to the simplicity of the chemical silver halide process and its focus on real photography...

2023聽路聽26 August 2023
There are many times when I want to travel ultra light, photographically speaking, but don't want to give up what you might choose to call high end capability when doing so. Hence I have my Sony RX100 VII.

2023聽路聽23 August 2023
Watercourse: noun - a brook or stream. A leisurely wander along the waterside on a sunny day snapping away at whatever presents itself along the way. Tranquility!

Seventy Five
2023聽路聽21 August 2023
75mm - the focal length of my least used but optically of the best quality lenses in my collection. Sad but true. Yet this is a lens I won't let go of as there is just something about it...

2023聽路聽08 August 2023
With all this wet weather we have been experiencing in recent weeks, garden borders have taken on that lush jungly green aspect typical of those traditional English Summers of yesteryear.

Exotic Onion
2023聽路聽31 July 2023
Photographing structural plants like this Allium Purple Sensation, after it has seeded, is fun and quite rewarding visually. Oh, an Allium is a type of flowering onion would you believe?

Mini Safari
2023聽路聽18 July 2023
We shall, sometime soon-ish, be heading off on a mini safari and will be, for the first time in eons, doing some animal photography...

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